Casino Hold’em with a live dealer!


Casino hold’em is a new game in the online casino’s where you play a simplefied version of poker against the dealer. In playing Casino Hold’em against a live dealer you can see the cards that are being dealt by the dealer and you can communicate with the live dealer.


In Casino Hold’em you have to bet and than the dealer will deal you two cards and one to the dealer. Directly after receiving your own cards, the live dealer will deal three community cards. These are cards you can use to create the best hand, but the dealer can also use to create the best hand; that is why they are called community cards. After the first three community cards you can fold or call; where calling is betting the same amount as your starting bet.


After this round of betting, the live dealer will deal two more community cards and deal the second card to his own hand. There is no new betting, it is just looking at who has the best hand at this point. If you win, you double your money! The advantage of playing against a live dealer is obvious; you can see what the dealer is doing and you do not have the feeling anymore of feeling betraid because the online casino has changed the winning odds for example.


When do you win? You win when you have a better hand than the dealer; this means that you have to use five cards to create the best possible hand. This can be by using the two of your hand cards, one of your own cards or even none of your own cards. With using none of your own hands, you have to remember that the dealer has at least the same hand since you only use the community cards.


The hand values are exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em poker; so a straight flush is the highest possible hand and a high card is the lowest possible hand. Moreover, if you have the same hand as the dealer (for example, two pair); the highest pair of highest kicker winns. Yes, this is exactly the same as in normal poker.


Why playing Casino Hold’em is more fun than normal poker? We just say; try it out! Playing against a live dealer is more entertaining, interacting and now you know for sure that the online casino is not cheating since you can see exactly what happens on your screen via a live video feed.

Live dealer Casino Holdem