Live dealer Roulette

Live dealer RouletteLive dealer Roulette

Roulette might appeal to you as a very difficult and confusing game, while it is very easy to play. Playing in an online casino is fun already, but playing with a live dealer via a video feed is even more fun. Not only can you see the roulette wheel spinning and waiting in anticipation where the white ball stops spinning, but it also gives the online casino no more chances to change the winning odds.

Roulette is all about betting on the right number that will come after spinning the roulette wheel. There are many different ways of betting in the roulette game, you can bet whether the number is black or red; you can bet the first or last 18 numbers, you can bet the even or odd numbers and many more ways.

For instance you can bet on a single number; this pays out the most namely 35 times. You can bet two numbers for a pay-out of 17 times your bet, pay a line of 3 numbers for a payout of 11 times your bet or you can bet 2 lines of three numbers for a total of 6 numbers for a payout of 5 times your bet. Moreover you can bet on a square of four numbers which pays out 8 times your bet. Next to that, you can bet on the vertical rows underneath the numbers on the playfield or you can bet the first, second or third 12 numbers.

Next to the 36 numbers on the playfield you can also bet the zero, because when the roulette wheel hits 0, all bets are lost except for the ones that are placed on the number zero.

Playing Roulette with a live dealerPlaying Roulette with a live dealer

But to really understand the game you will have to try it out in an online casino with a live dealer; you will feel the difference with a normal online casino because you can hear the ball rolling in the roulette wheel and it feels much more like the real deal. Furthermore, the dealer is a highly trained employee of the online casino and will work just as a normal casino dealer. So the dealer will ask you to place your bets, to hold your bets and so on.