Online casinos with live dealersOnline casinos with live dealers

What is more entertaining than playing in Online casinos with live dealers? In these online casino’s a live dealer is dealing and shuffling the cards right in front of your eyes with the use of a video feed that is connected to the online casino.

Not only is playing with live dealers more fun and entertaining since you can see and hear the dealers dealing your – hopefully winning – cards, but online casino with live dealers are more reliable and trustworthy since you can see the dealer handling the cards live. This means that online casino’s can not adjust the winning percentages any more and you know for a fact that everything is being done fairly to increase your winning odds.

How does this work? Easily! You simply have to sign-up at an online casino and deposit money to your account. After doing this, you have to decide what game you want to play? Do you want to go for a nice game of Roulette or are you more in the mood of Blackjack? Moreover you can choose to play Baccarat or a game of Casino Hold’em!

Real online RouletteReal online Roulette

Especially Roulette is a perfect example of how online casino’s can be much more entertaining with a live dealer, since you get a better feel of the game when you see an actual ball spinning in the Roulette wheel in stead of a digital ball that knows exactly in what number to fall for that specific game. In online casino’s with a live dealer you have more control of the game and you can see for yourself that the online casino is cheating with special algorithems or low winning odds for the player.

The online casino’s with a live dealer are really gaining popularity because you and other gamblers that play in online casino’s are tired of asking themselves the question whether everything is being done fairly and according to the rules of the online casino games.

Never tried an online casino with live dealers before? We give you a wide variety of online casino’s with live dealers that have special bonusses for new members! So try out an online casino with a live dealer and get convinced yourself and get the entertainment that belongs to playing in a casino!